Denecke TS-TCB Slate Specifications

Product features

  • Sliding access door to battery compartment.
  • Quick change battery pack using 6 "AA" batteries.
  • Choice of Black & White or Color clapper sticks.
  • Battery voltage and low battery warning readout.
  • Reads and displays SMPTE/EBU Time Code.
  • Internally mounted Time Code Generator Jams to all standard frame rates.


WiFi activated features

  • Accurate WiFi streaming of SMPTE timecode data to native iOS apps.
  • WiFi connectivity to allow menu changes via the free to download iOS app.
  • Built-in webpages for Timecode Buddy: web view.
  • WiFi connectivity to see all settings via any connected web browser.
  • WiFi connectivity to configure advanced WiFi settings of master.
  • WiFi connectivity to access product manuals directly from the Timecode Buddy.
  • Infrastructure WiFi connectivity to allow for multiple units to be connected to an external Access Point/Router as well as to the Internet for firmware updates to the TS-TCB.


Technical specification

Attribute Specification
Timecode generator accuracy 0.14ppm when free running, zero ppm when RF is locked.
Supported FPS 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 29.97DF, 30DF

2.4 GHz IEEE std. 802.11b/g, SoftAP and Infrastructure modes, DHCP Server, Web server.

Power and timecode sources

Attribute Specification
External Power 5 pin LEMO (pin 4 + 6/14V DC, pin 1 GND)
Internal Power 6 x ‘AA’ batteries
T/C Input/output

LEMO5 0.1 to 5V pp

Multi-channel digital receiver in

865.050-865.550 MHz (CE Approved)

915.050-918.650 MHz (FCC/IC Approved)

920.600-923.200MHz (Japan ARIB Approved).


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