FAQs - UltraSync ONE


In this section, you can find some of the most frequently asked questions about UltraSync ONE, and our answers to these problems. If you have a question, you may find that the answer is right here. If your question is not covered, please contact Timecode Systems for assistance.


Can UltraSync ONE be used as a Master Unit?

Yes. UltraSync ONE is a timecode over RF transceiver, and so can be set as either a master transmitting unit or a slave receiving unit in an RF network. It cannot be used as a master in a BLINK network.


Can a Master Device use Drop-Frame Timecode?

Yes. The UltraSync ONE can use drop frame and standard frame rates.


How Long Does it Take for UltraSync ONE to Re-Sync?

If your UltraSync ONE moves out of range of the master, it will no longer be synchronising with the master. It will re-synchronise with the master when it is back in range of the master, but the amount of time the re-sync takes can vary:

UltraSync ONE Out of Range for Approx. Time to Resync
Less than 10 seconds Almost instantaneous
More than 10 seconds Several seconds

Note: If there are other masters in range, the re-synchronisation may take considerably longer. This applies even if the other masters use different RF channels.

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