Battery Safety and Disposal - UltraSync ONE

Battery Safety and Disposal

UltraSync ONE contains a battery. The battery may contain toxic heavy metals and is subject to hazardous waste regulations.

To make sure you use and dispose of your UltraSync ONE safely and responsibly, please follow these safety and disposal instructions.

Battery Safety

DANGER - Risk of burns, injury, battery damage

Do not attempt to remove or disassemble the battery.

  Do not expose the battery to heat or liquid.
  Do not use or charge the battery in temperatures above 60°C.
  Do not bend, pierce, or crush the battery.
  Do not allow the battery to come into contact with metal objects.
  Do not weld the battery.
  Only use the product and charge the battery as described in the user guide. Incorrect use could result in fire, explosion, smoke, heat, and battery leakage.
  Do not use a damaged battery.
  Do not put product or battery into a microwave over, dryer, or high-pressure container.
  If the battery does not charge in the expected time, stop charging and contact Timecode Systems for advice.
  Stop using the product if there is abnormal heat, odour, discoloration, or deformation when in use, charging or in storage.
  If the battery leaks on to your skin or clothes, wash with fresh water immediately.
  If liquid from the battery gets into your eyes, do not rub them. Wash your eyes with fresh water and seek medical attention immediately.

Disposal and Recycling

Please do not dispose of your UltraSync ONE, its battery, or accessories such as chargers, with your household waste. Make sure you follow the local legal requirements for battery disposal and recycling.


By disposing of the battery in the proper manner, you help to avoid possible hazards to the environment and public health that could otherwise be caused by improper treatment of batteries. The recycling of materials contributes to the conservation of natural resources.

For further information on disposal and recycling, please contact Timecode Systems.

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