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BLINK Network

To synchronise two or more Timecode Systems products, you need to set them to operate in a network. There are two different types of network:

  • RF network
  • BLINK network.

In this section, we are going to look at the BLINK Network. To learn about the RF network, see RF Network.


What is a BLINK Network?

A BLINK network is an RF network with added remote control and remote monitoring functionality. The extra functionality is provided by the free BLINK Hub app.

In a BLINK network, the master device has to be a :pulse or a :wave. In the following image, a :pulse is the master and it connects to BLINK Hub via wi-fi.

Notice that the :pulse is the master and it communicates with the slaves via RF. The communications between the :pulse and the slaves is the same as a regular RF network, so the :pulse is acting as an RF master and BLINK network master.

The BLINK Hub app communicates with the :pulse via wi-fi (it can communicate with :pulse units via wi-fi or Ethernet, and :wave units are wi-fi-only).

The BLINK network master is a 'middle man' between the slave devices and the BLINK Hub app.

You can install the BLINK hub app on a computer, tablet, or smartphone and use it for remote monitoring and control of some Timecode Systems products.

To learn more about BLINK Hub, see Remote Settings using BLINK Hub .

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