Main Screen - UltraSync ONE

Main Screen

The Main screen is displayed when you are not using the UltraSync ONE to view other status displays or to access menu options.

Main status screen

Key Description
1 The timecode that is being used by the UltraSync ONE.
2 The mode of the UltraSync ONE unit (see Networks and Modes).
3 Device name. You can use the BLINK Hub application to change the name.
4 The country/area and RF channel that is used by the UltraSync ONE. Ch. is for channel, and the first two letters after Ch. indicate the country /area (CE for Europe, JP for Asia, FC for USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). The two numbers indicate the RF channel.
5 A battery icon that shows an estimate of the remaining battery power, based on the settings that are currently in use.
6 Signal strength and communications indicators. An antenna icon flashes in the top-right corner when the slave and master are communicating. The number shown to the right of the antenna icon shows the signal strength (0-7 where 7 is the maximum signal strength).
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