Jam to External Timecode - Set Up - UltraSync ONE

Jam UltraSync ONE to a Signal

You can connect your UltraSync ONE to an external device and then 'jam' to the external device's timecode. When it has jammed, you can disconnect your UltraSync ONE and then use it to transmit the timecode to other devices.

Note: For more information on the concept of jamming, see Free Running and Jamming.

To jam your UltraSync ONE to an external timecode signal:

  1. Connect your external device to your UltraSync ONE's LTC port. Use the blue DIN 1.0/2.3 to BNC cable that is supplied with your UltraSync ONE.
  2. Make sure your UltraSync ONE unit is switched on (see Switch UltraSync ONE On and Off).

  3. Press the Select button.

  4. Set the Timecode Mode to Free Run/Jam-Ext (see Set the Timecode Mode).
  5. Press the Select button.

  6. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll to the TC Generator option.

  7. Press the Select button.

  8. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll to the Jam EXT T/C option.

Your UltraSync ONE will now attempt to synchronise with the timecode source by jamming to the signal. You will see Jamming T/C appear on the main screen as the attempt to jam to the signal takes place.

If your UltraSync ONE cannot synchronise to the signal, the message Jam Failed No Signal is shown. This usually indicates that the timecode source is not connected properly or is not outputting a timecode. Check the connections and make sure the timecode source device is set up to output its timecode.

When the jamming is successful, the UltraSync ONE is synchronised with the external timecode source. You can now disconnect the external timecode source.

To keep your UltraSync ONE synchronised with the external timecode source, you will need to re-connect and re-jam at regular intervals (typically 1-2 times per day).

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