Is there a timecode solution for DSLR?

If a camera does not accept Timecode IN then we can use a work around.

If you're using a minitrx+ attached to the camera you can do this through our custom BNC to Mini-jack cable (TCB-42). 

If you're using an UltraSync ONE you can do this by using our custom DIN to Mini-jack cable (TCB-52).

Both the TCB-42 and TCB-52 can also be purchased via our web store: 

Select the following menu settings on your UltraSync ONE/minitrx+: System Settings > LTC Output Level > Mic Level.

Set your unit as a ‘slave’ using the same RF channel as the ‘master’ for the shoot.

Timecode is then recorded to the audio track of the camera (sometimes referred to as AUX TC).

In post production this AUX TC needs to be converted to embedded timecode in the video file.

AVID Media Composer and BMD DaVinci Resolve can natively decode AUX TC. However for other NLE’s such as Apple FCP X and Adobe Premiere Pro you will need additional software to decode the AUX TC.




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