What is the difference between the :wave and :pulse?

The :wave and :pulse are very similar products, both offering a lot of the same features. They are both timecode and genlock/word clock RF transceivers, can act as both a master or a slave for our BLINK protocol and have a built in Wi-Fi network for connecting to apps, such as MovieSlate or the BLINK Hub, on your phone/tablet/iPad.

The :wave was designed with the sound department in mind and so has lead the way for the Sound Devices integration. The :pulse offers all of the same features as the :wave but is more geared towards the camera department. Alongside the Sound Devices integration it offers status monitoring and camera control of the certain cameras connected with one of our units (for example GoPros connected with a SyncBac PRO) via our BLINK Hub app. It also has Ethernet connections to allow you to set up a wired connection to our app via a MacBook, rather than wirelessly to a tablet in congested Wi-Fi areas.

Although we originally thought that the :wave would be for the sound department and the :pulse would be for the camera department, we have found that some sound guys are interested in using the :pulse so that they can also offer the camera control and status monitoring of certain cameras available through our BLINK Hub app.

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