How do I connect to the BLINK Hub app?

On your :wave or :pulse make sure the wifi is on and make a note of the wireless ID.

If the wifi is off, press the control knob once, rotate to "wifi settings", "Turn on/off press knob again. You will be prompted to turn the wifi on, press the knob to confirm that you wish to turn the wifi on.

Note: If the wifi was already on you will be prompted to turn the wifi off, in this case rotate the knob to "exit" and press the knob. This will keep the wifi on.

On a tablet/smart phone: Turn on the Wi-Fi of your :wave or :pulse. On your smart device select the Wi-Fi network of your TCS device (e.g. Pulse85). Open the BLINK Hub app and you should see the running timecode from the :wave or :pulse. The BLINK Hub data will be downloaded from the :pulse into the app.

On a Mac: If you wish to connect to the :pulse via Ethernet for using the BLINK Hub app, ensure that the Wi-Fi is switched OFF and the Ethernet is switched ON. Connect your Mac to the :pulse using an Ethernet cable. The PC or Mac will get an IP address from the :pulse DHCP server. Launch the BLINK Hub app and you should see running timecode on the app and the BLINK Hub status page will load.

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