• What is the Run/Stop timecode option on the UltraSync ONE?

    The UltraSync ONE has an option within the menu of the device to select Continuous or Run/Stop timecode. 

    The Run/Stop option allows the break method of halting i.e. freezing the outgoing timecode. The break method is when the UltraSync ONE no longer receives an LTC signal due to signal loss whether by disconnection or otherwise muted signal.

    Please note we do not break our outgoing LTC signal but instead flag within the LTC signal that it is frozen timecode. While signal loss is being determined, the outgoing timecode will run on for several frames and then stop. Once the incoming LTC signal is resumed the outgoing timecode will be re-synchronised and re-started.

    To enable this feature, please ensure your units are updated to firmware version 3.08 or higher.

  • Can the UltraSync ONE accept an external genlock signal?

    The UltraSync ONE is unable to take in an external genlock source, it can only accept an external timecode source. 

    The UltraSync ONE can output genlock to your device, please refer to the product manual for more information: https://support.timecodesystems.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000767371-Set-the-SYNC-Output-UltraSync-ONE 

  • Why isn't timecode being recognised by the UltraSync ONE and Panasonic S1H camera?

    If you're using the UltraSync ONE with the Panasonic S1H camera, we advise using the SYNC port instead of the LTC port for timecode. This is because the SYNC port has an additional op-amp to drive more current for the S1H to be able to recognise. 

  • Does the UltraSync ONE support the non-continuous mode?

    The UltraSync ONE has an option within the menu of the device to select Continuous or Run/Stop timecode. To enable this feature, please ensure your units are updated to firmware version 3.08 or higher.

    To learn more about Run/Stop timecode visit our FAQ here: https://support.timecodesystems.com/hc/en-us/articles/6283183462685-What-is-the-Run-Stop-timecode-option-on-the-UltraSync-ONE- 

  • Can I use the UltraSync ONE with a DSLR?

    The following video outlines how to use the UltraSync ONE to provide timecode to your DSLR camera:

    You may also find the following article useful: Is there a timecode solution for DSLR?

  • Can the UltraSync ONE output timecode and genlock simultaneously?

    Yes - the UltraSync ONE is designed to output LTC and genlock simultaneously. The LTC port is for timecode and the SYNC port can be configured in the menu to be used for genlock, wordclock or another LTC output. 

    The SMPTE 12M framerates supported by our products are: 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 29.97DF and 30DF.

    Our supported genlock/wordclock settings are: PAL, NTSC, 720p, 720p double frame rate, 1080i PSF, 1080p, 1080p double frame rate, 44K1 WC, 88K2 WC, 48K WC, 96K WC, 192K WC.

  • Can I use my UltraSync ONE with the Sound Devices MixPre-3?

    Yes - The MixPre-3 will accept an external timecode source through the Aux IN jack of the device. All you'll need is one of our TCB-52 UltraSync ONE to 3.5mm jack cables, available from our online shop.

    You can view more information about connecting to devices which don't have a dedicated timecode input here

  • How can I mount my UltraSync ONE?

    We have two different silicone pouches available for mounting and protecting your UltraSync ONE unit.

    TCB-57 (below left) has a robust Velcro strip and concealed magnet, whilst the TCB-58 (below right) has a 1/4" mounting threads on both the base and rear.

    Both are available from our online store.

    Some users have reported difficulties when attempting to adhere sticky-back Velcro directly to the unit, due to the material of the case. We have found that the following steps useful, should you wise to attach Velcro directly to the unit:
    1. Use an alcohol wipe across the back of the unit to remove any dust
    2. Heat up the back of the Velcro to melt the glue
    3. Place the Velcro on to the back of the unit and hold in place
    4. Allow the glue to set fully before use