Is the UltraSync BLUE compatible with the Tentacle system?

The UltraSync BLUE is compatible with the following:

  • MAVIS professional camera app
  • Apogee MetaRecorder app and MovieSlate8 app for iPhone
  • Softron MovieRecorder and Multicam Logger software
  • Zoom H3VR Handy Recorder
  • Zoom F3 MultiTrack Field Recorder
  • Zoom F6 MultiTrack Field Recorder
  • Zoom F8 and F8n Field Recorder
  • Zoom F2-BT Field Recorder
  • Tascam Portacapture X8 Audio Recorder
  • All other Timecode Systems devices

Because our system and Tentacle's operate using different timecode protocols, the only way to integrate the two companies' products together would be to use the UltraSync ONE product to receive LTC from a Tentacle over cable, chase that timecode and transmit to an UltraSync BLUE over long range RF. 

Find out more about the UltraSync ONE here:  

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