What is the Run/Stop timecode option on the UltraSync ONE?

The UltraSync ONE has an option within the menu of the device to select Continuous or Run/Stop timecode. 

The Run/Stop option allows the break method of halting i.e. freezing the outgoing timecode. The break method is when the UltraSync ONE no longer receives an LTC signal due to signal loss whether by disconnection or otherwise muted signal.

Please note we do not break our outgoing LTC signal but instead flag within the LTC signal that it is frozen timecode. While signal loss is being determined, the outgoing timecode will run on for several frames and then stop. Once the incoming LTC signal is resumed the outgoing timecode will be re-synchronised and re-started.

To enable this feature, please ensure your units are updated to firmware version 3.08 or higher.

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