How can I mount my UltraSync ONE?

We have two different silicone pouches available for mounting and protecting your UltraSync ONE unit.

TCB-57 (below left) has a robust Velcro strip and concealed magnet, whilst the TCB-58 (below right) has a 1/4" mounting threads on both the base and rear.

Both are available from our online store.

Some users have reported difficulties when attempting to adhere sticky-back Velcro directly to the unit, due to the material of the case. We have found that the following steps useful, should you wise to attach Velcro directly to the unit:
1. Use an alcohol wipe across the back of the unit to remove any dust
2. Heat up the back of the Velcro to melt the glue
3. Place the Velcro on to the back of the unit and hold in place
4. Allow the glue to set fully before use


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