What genlock setting should I use?

The genlock setting you require is dependent on the camera, and determined by the manufacturer. You should be able to find information about the required setting within the camera's manual.

Below are the required settings for the cameras most frequently requested by our users:

Camera Model Frame rate Genlock
Panasonic BGH1 25p 1080i (PSF)
Panasonic BGH1 29.97p 1080i (PSF)
Sony F5/F55 25p 1080i (PSF)
Sony F5/F55 50i 1080i (PSF)
Canon C300 25p 1080p
Canon C300 50i 1080p
Alexa Amira 25p 1080p
Alexa Amira 50i 1080p
Red Dragon 25p 1080p
Red Dragon 50i 1080p
Red Weapon 25p 1080p
Red Weapon 50i 1080p


We will add more cameras as they are requested.

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