Is there a timecode solution for DSLR?

If a device does not have a dedicated timecode input to allow for embedded timecode then we can use a work around to record timecode on to the audio track.

Select the correct cable:

  • If you're using a minitrx+ you will need our custom BNC to Mini-jack cable (TCB-42) to connect to the external device's 3.5mm aux in. 
  • If you're using an UltraSync ONE you will need our custom DIN to Mini-jack cable (TCB-52).

Both the TCB-42 and TCB-52 can also be purchased via our web store. 


Configure the unit:

  • Ensure that your device is set to the same RF channel as the master transmitting unit (if in RF Slave mode).
  • Configure the unit to output timecode at mic level through the following menu settings on your device: System Settings > LTC Output Level > Mic Level.
  • Connect the LTC output to the 3.5mm aux in port on the external device.
  • Timecode will then be recorded to the audio track of the camera (sometimes referred to as AUX TC) when the camera starts recording.
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